Music for Events

We strive to bring our wealth of experience and high standards to every occasion. Below, you will find a list of different types of events that require or benefit from professional live music.

Private Parties,  Showers,  Bar/Bah Mitzvah

Our music is appropriate for all types of social gatherings.

Corporate Events and Holiday Parties

We provide contemporary titles and jazz standards & originals perfect for celebrations and commemorations of every type.  

Openings for Art Galleries or Businesses

We choose smooth & lyrical selections perfect for setting the tone and welcoming your guests.

Memorial Services

Select sensitive, discreet and evocative music to comfort and uplift.

Club Dates, Brunches, Dinner Music

Create a unique atmosphere in your establishment to keep clientele engaged and get them coming time and time again.

Concerts Appearances

Drawing on our eclectic influences, we integrate the essential appeal of various styles to provide unique programs.  We have played for various concert series, including First Night celebrations in Boston and Worcester.